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24 Mar

What is economics? The term “economy” comes from the Greek oikos which means “family household” and nomos meaning “rule, rule of law”. Broadly speaking, the economy is defined as “home rule” or “household management.” While economics is a branch of social science that studies the behavior of economic actors in a variety of economic decisions are made. This knowledge is necessary as a frame of mind to be able to do the choice of a variety of limited resources to meet unlimited human needs.

In economics there is a scarcity of aspects, including natural resources and human resources, the number of requests from the availability of the goods, still weak coordination between groups. In addition there are economic problems such as Problems for Basic and High Prices, Increased Fuel (BBM), Problems of Monopoly and Distribution Issues.

In Indonesia there are many economic problems, such as the recent economic problems that arise is the soaring price of onions. Garlic prices rise to Rp 65.000/kg, while the price of onion to Rp 51.000/kg.

One of the reasons is the high price of onions rose onion seed prices which reached Rp 30.000/kg, it makes the most of the farmers in the district Sanden, Bantul, Yogyakarta, reluctant to plant onions in this season. In addition to high prices, onion seeds were less available because some farmers take advantage of the moment of the sale price so high that they sell the entire crop and left to seed.

While the cause of the price rise is garlic until now Indonesia is still difficult to rely on domestic supply to meet the needs of garlic. It is difficult to meet the national needs of the domestic supply only. Currently, the number of farmers planting garlic is getting less. Domestic supply can only meet 5-10 percent of national needs. Even then, to meet the needs of the industry as the aroma of garlic herb Indonesia three times stronger than imported garlic.

owever since Friday (15/3) as many as 40 containers loaded with garlic at Tanjung Priok, Tanjung Perak and Belawan been released to the market. This is effective because the market price of garlic in Kramat Jati, East Jakarta also continued to decline.

Based on the list price quoted detikFinance of the Ministry of Commerce which is processed by the Directorate General of Domestic Trade, Tuesday (03/19/2013), price of garlic in Kramat Jati market continued to decline. Currently, the price of garlic per kg is Rp Rp 10.000/kg 38.000/kg down. Garlic price trend continued to decline since the contents removed 40 containers of garlic.

On Saturday (16/3) price of garlic in the market Kramat Jati could penetrate Rp 58,000 per kg. Then continue to fall gradually from the start of Rp 51,000, Rp 48,000 to Rp 38.000/kg today. Decrease in price of garlic was also followed by the onion price. Onion price in the market today Kramat Jati is Rp 38.000/kg.

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