24 Mar

Dhika: Hai Raka
Raka: Hai Dhika

Dhika: How are you Raka?
Raka: I’m fine, how about you Dhika?

Dhika: I’m good too. Where do you live now?
Raka: Now I live in the North, what about you?

Dhika: Now I live in East Jakarta, What about your job, are you still working at PT. ABC?
Raka: No, I’ve not worked in PT. ABC

Dhika: Really? Why did you stop working at PT.ABC?
Raka: A lot of things that made me finally decide to stop working at PT.ABC, one of them about job security

Dhika: Is PT. ABC security work less?
Raka: Yes, job security in the PT. ABC is less

Dhika: Is job security tool provided also less?
Raka: Yes it is. At PT. ABC, work shoes are used not in accordance with the work done and not in accordance with the Act of job security

Dhika: Oh so. If job security in PT. ABC is not in accordance with the Act of job security, it will be prone to accidents. If you are not working in PT. ABC, where you now work?
Raka: I am now working at PT. DEF, how about you? where are you working now?

Dhika: Now I work in PT. XYZ, what is produced by PT. DEF?
Raka: PT. DEF produce food, what is produced by PT. XYZ?

Dhika: PT. XYZ manufactures printers that will be sent to the supplier PT. RST.
Raka: What about the salary given PT. XYZ?

Dhika: PT. XYZ provide enough salary, in addition to salary sufficient, PT. XYZ also provide benefits for the children, what about the salary given PT. DEF?
Raka: PT. DEF also provides salary is in accordance with the position, what do promotional product to promote PT.XYZ?

Dhika: Many ways in which PT. XYZ to promote products, one of which is advertising.
Raka: Oh yes, because the electronic media that promotes the advertising, the product will be promoted more quickly recognized by the public.

Dhika: True, although the cost for advertising is not cheap, but advertising can save time.
Raka: Saves time? what do you mean?
Dhika: Yes, with advertising, we can save time for mempromosikannnya, in a matter of minutes, the public already widely known.
Raka: I see, it looks like the profit generated was greater than the costs incurred for advertising.

Dhika: How is the decision taken by the company in the event of product sales decline?
Raka: Decisions taken by the company are better promote their products and maintain the quality of the goods.

Dhika: How do the PT. DEF to the surrounding community?
Raka: The benefit is reduced pengagguran and communities could employ, how the PT. XYZ?

Dhika: There are so many benefits of PT. XYZ, in addition to reducing unemployment, PT. XYZ also could increase national income.
Hidalgo: Absolutely, except that the resulting product can also meet the needs of the community.

Dhika: Seems like it’s almost night, I should go home first, thank you for your time
Raka: yes, thank you too

Dhika:  See you
Raka: See you too

Dhika: Goodbye
Raka: Goodbye too


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