27 Apr

Susan : Tok..Tok..
Harris: Yeah … come in
Susan: Excuse me sir
Harris: Yes, please come in, what happen susan?
Susan: I want to give this
(Hand susan also provide a letter)
Harris: What? letter of resignation?
Susan: Yes sir, I want to resign from Roliant Insurance
Harris: I do not agree
Susan: But sir …
Harris: Go ahead and take this letter and then go back to your job
Susan: I really want to resign sir
Harris: Can not
Susan: why sir?
Harris: Because you are one of the excellent worker in Roliant Insurance
Susan: But more people better than me
Harris: But you have a better skill than others
Susan: What do you think my skill is not owned by someone else?
Harris: You have speed in typing
Susan: But with my resignation, you can get a better employee than me
Harris: That’s not an easy
Susan: I’m sure a lot of people out there who have better skills than me
Harris: but it is not easy for find employees just like you
Susan: It was a my decision sir
Harris: I also can not let you resign, because you are the asset of this company
Susan: I beg you sir, allow me resign
Harris: What made you want to completely resign, what is the salary given by the company for less?
Susan: No, sir, given salary enough for me
Harris: Then what?
Susan: I want to marry sir
Harris: Oh that’s why you, you do not have to resign
Susan: What do you mean sir ?
Harris: Why do not you leave one week to get married, after which you can return to work
Susan: Can not sir
Harris: Why? Are you not regret release your career?
Susan: I am confused what to do sir
Harris: If you do not resign, I’ll raise your salary
Susan: No, sir, money is not everything to me,
Harris: What after you get married, you would not have a career anymore?
Susan: I want to keep it a career, but what I might be able to live them?
Harris: I’m sure, you could divide their time between family and work
Susan: Yes sir, I will leave 1 week and then going back to my job
Harris: Really?
Susan: Yes sir
Harris: Thank you susan, because you are not so resign
Susan: Yes sir, thank you for your solution , good afternoon
Harris: Good afternoon

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