08 May
  1. Personal Details

Name                                       : Dewi Ratna Sari

Place & Date Of Birth         : Bekasi, December 14 1994

Address                                  : Kp. Rawa Aren, Kel. Aren Jaya, Bekasi Timur

Phone Number                    : 0857-1234-5678

Gender                                   : Female

Marital Status                     : Single

Religion                                : Islam

Nationality                          : Indonesia


II. Education Details

  1. 2000 – 2006 : SDN AREN JAYA VII
  2. 2006 – 2009 : SMP N 11 BEKASI
  3. 2009 – 2012 : SMK MANDALAHAYU
  4. 2012 – 2016 : UNIVERSITAS GUNADARMA


III. Activities That Ever Follow

  1. Asistant in Management Menengah Laboratory, Gunadarma University
  2. Participant of Seminar “Personal Branding”Faculty of Economics, Gunadarma University
  3. Participant of Seminar “Sharia, The Lost and The New Economic Power”From Sharia Economic Forum Gunadarma University, Gunadarma University
  4. Participant of Seminar “Facing AEC with Dignity Through Sociopreneur Strategy (Government Role)”From Sharia Economic Forum Gunadarma University, Gunadarma University

IV. Computer Skills

Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point, Adobe Photoshop.


Good attitude, kind, communicative, diligent, tolerant, target oriented, discipline, honest, and be responsible.



Bekasi, May 8th, 2016

Sincerely yours,



Dewi Ratna Sari

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